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Video Games – Playing with Imagination!

Video Games in the Future

Video Games From Cheats And Tricks To Reviews

Video Games Don't Contribute To Violence In Real Life; They May Actually Reduce It

Video Games Can Be Good For You

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Video Game Design Requires Multiple Talents

Video Game Design Careers Are Hot Due To Exploding Game Sales

Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 - 8


Video Games – Playing with Imagination!

It won't be a bigger problem to find one video game lover in your neighbor. Since the introduction of Virtual Game, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned. The history of video game is as interesting as a fairy tale. The quality of today's video game was not at all there when video game first conceptualized and played ever. During the formulative years, video games were created by using various interactive electronic devices with various display formats. The first ever video game was designed in 1947 by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. (Source:

The device was recognized as Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device. From Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device to Xbox 360, PlayStation series or Nintendo WII, the story behind video games and accessories is really very creative and adventurous. Recently played video games are quite developed and they are more interactive than the earlier video games. From analog video game design to 2D and 3D video games all have their own charm and video game lovers try to play all sorts of video games. In this respect our team talked to John, who lives in Sidney, Australia.

When he was asked about his preference about the type of video game, he replied, "<i>Let me make it clear from the very beginning that I'm really crazy about video games. I've been playing video games since I gained consciousness…LOL…Really I'm serious. My father owns a video game store here in Sidney and we are still managing the same store. The only difference that you may find is the shelves. The old analog video games were replaced by 2D and 3D video games. We have several regular customers and they very often come to our store and ask for the LATEST. I too ask about their preference and they say they love to try any sort of video games. What ever that is competitive, they love to play. So far playing excitement of video games is concerned, they can be compared with the soccer match between Manchester United and Liverpool.</i>"

It's not the quality of video games that improves, researches and developments are too evident in video game accessories, too. Without such accessories, the real excitement of video games can not be enjoyed. It's pretty easy to recognize video game accessories. The video game accessories are just like computer hard wares. If video games are software, the most important video game accessories are consoles and D-pad. Currently several companies are manufacturing video game accessories. Some of the major players in the industry are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation series and Nintendo's WII are high in demand.

Xbox 360 is the second video game console introduced by Microsoft in the video game industry. This was developed in association with IBM, ATI and SiS. Xbox Live service enables players to compete online as well as players can download other relevant content from internet. Xbox 360 is the seventh generation game console and currently challenged by Sony's Play Station 3 and Nintendo's WII in the market. Xbox 360 has broken several video market records as it has completely been sold out on its first launch except in Japan. Till January 3, 2008, 17.7 million pieces are sold out with 6.3 million in the United States only. Are you feeling the heat of video game? Then why delaying the purchase, go to your nearest BlueBearToys store or you can order online and can get better deal and great savings on your purchase! Logon to (Electronic and Gadgets Superstore) and order for Xbox 360 and other video game consoles NOW!

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