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Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 - 8


Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 - 8

Many parents worry about the video games available to children today with all the violence. However, many of the most popular games of today are non-violent and educational – a parent's dream! If you have a 5 to 8 year old and are not sure which video games for is the best, check out this list:

7. Super Monkey Ball
Children will love the monkeys in this game that maneuvers through mazes. Enclosed in see-through balls, the kids work the monkeys through different levels that become more difficult the longer you play. The controls for the movement of the game are very easy for even the littlest hands. This game helps your child develop quick reflexes and understand strategy. In competition mode, up to four kids can play each other.

6. Backyard Soccer

Backyard Soccer allows kids to pick teams from an animated bunch of players. They will love the action packed sports excitement of the game as they play realistic soccer games against other teams. Non-violent yet fun, Backyard Soccer teaches your child the importance of team spirit and being a team player.

5. Sponge Bob Square Pants: The Movie

If you have children of different ages, Sponge Bob Square Pants: The Movie is a great game because you can set the level of difficulty. Suspecting Mr. Krabs has stolen King Neptune's crown, Sponge Bob and Patrick set off on a journey to Shell City to retrieve the crown. Children can play as Sponge Bob or Patrick in a great adventure game that will interest them for hours on end.

4. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a real time game, meaning that the clock coordinates with the real clock so the sun rises and sets at the same time. Seasons also change. The little ones get to fish, earn bells (the village currency), work in the garden, socialize with neighbors, and furnish their own house – all in a village setting. Characters can be transferred from one game system to another by using a memory card, so you child can share their character with their friends. The village starts small but grows as both people and animals move in and out. Older games such as Donkey Kong can be played, but only by doing favors for other members of the village. The game not only teaches children to share and cooperate with others, but it also helps with reading and writing.

3. Pajama Sam 3

Children will love helping Pajama Sam as he makes his way through the human body and parents will love it for its educational value. Children learn to problem solve by helping Pajama Sam as he tries to collect box tops and battles the evil Cookie Gang. In addition, there are nutritional lessons included in the game. Pajama Sam 3 helps children develop their logical thinking and memory skills by involving them in riddle solving. In addition, learning about empathy, compromise, and table manners makes this a great game for children that parents will love.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

If you children loved the movie, they will love this video game with all the familiar characters. This action-adventure game sets players in Narnia, where four young brothers and sisters, each with their own special strengths, have to work together to help defeat the White Witch and her army. Kids can explore secret locations, find hidden weapons, and meet new characters. One of the best parts is they can link up with their friends to play the game together.

1. Nintendogs

While you would probably prefer your child to have a real dog, that is not always possible, but Nintendogs is the next best thing! Children can choose from different breeds of dogs including Labrador retriever, miniature schnauzer, toy poodle, corgi, miniature pinscher, and shiba. They learn what it actually takes to care for a puppy, including playtime with flying discs and balls to help the puppy's agility. They can bath the puppy, pet it, walk it around the town, and buy additional supplies for the puppy. Once they earn enough cash, they can even buy more puppies. Voice commands can be used to train the puppy to do tricks. Children will love that they can interact wirelessly with friend and their Nintendogs. This game is great for teaching responsibility and compassion for animals.

No matter what video games your children play, make sure that you occasionally watch to see exactly what is going on in the games and that it is something you want them to have. You might even play the games yourself – you will find most of these games very addicting!

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