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Bluffing Tips For Poker Players

Bluffing has always been an integral part of the game of poker. Bluffing, when done expertly and successfully, can serve as the key to winning crucial rounds in poker. Don't you feel impressed whenever great poker players are able to remain calm and indifferent even when holding the direst of cards in their hands? Put in their place, you wonder if you can do the same thing. Bluffing in poker may not be an easy art to master but with determination and effort, neither is it an impossible task to achieve. To help you hone your bluffing skills, here are a few tips that you may consider.

Bluffing When Playing Online Poker
As a rule, players are discouraged from bluffing too much when playing online poker. The reason behind this is simple – what's the point of bluffing when you can't maximize the effect? Your opponents are unable to see you! So what good would your poker face do?

And since most players are aware of this fact, a lot of them dare to bluff more than they usually do in live poker games. They raise the stakes even if they can't afford to, hoping that you'll back off. They call on your shots, thinking that maybe, you're just bluffing like they do.

If you still want to bluff even in online poker games, we advise that you keep your bluffing to a minimum. Be unpredictable so that your faceless opponents wouldn't know if you're really holding a good poker hand or you're just trying to pull all their legs.

Bluffing When Playing Live Poker
Now this is the time when poker faces give you a distinct advantage. If you feel nervous about bluffing, try circulating the room first and observe how other poker players keep their cool even when they're up against big odds. Admire and observe. We know how tough it is to keep your face expressionless even when you're holding five useless cards but remind yourself that if they can do it, then you can certainly do it too.

Don't let anything or anyone affect your game. If it helps, imagine that this game is just a game for fun and there aren't scores of people around you, watching your every move, waiting to see if you're going to fight…or fold. I know what I'm asking for is hard work but really, bluffing depends on your mental strength as much as your acting skills!


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