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How to Increase Your eBay Auction Response in 10 Easy Steps

Getting a buyer to your eBay auction listing is one thing. Making them actually bid on your item, is another. There are many factors that go into making an auction successful such as starting price, your marketing copy, and timing, to mention a few. Those factors apply to any auction, and sellers who know how to use those factors right get good response to their auctions. However, some sellers take extra steps to ensure the highest response to their offerings. This article will list 10 tips you can use to encourage buyers to bid on your auctions.

- Show the benefits of your product not its features: Answer the question of what's in it for the buyer. Let them know how your product will benefit them. Would it save them money or time?, teach them something?, or simply satisfy a need they have.

- Create your "About Me" page: This is a very powerful tool you can use to let buyers know more about you and your business. Use this page to announce any special offers you have, setup a newsletter/ezine sign up form for your visitors and start building your list, and/or add links to your website, blog, affiliate links...etc.

- A picture is worth a thousand words: This is a very true saying. People like to clearly see what exactly they are buying. Using clear good quality pictures in your listing will increase your chances of making a sale. Make sure you buy the gallery picture feature, which adds a thumbnail picture of your item to the search page. For a few cents this is a very valuable feature. Also in your description you should use more than one picture, 3 or 4 with different angles would be best.

- Clearly state your policies, terms and conditions: Buyers are more confident in sellers that are articulate about how they conduct business. Things like shipping times and prices, return policy, out-of-stock policy, and contact information should be written very clearly in your auction listing. Another advantage of this is that it will protect you from any future disputes as you can always refer to your stated policies.

- Accept different payment methods: Most sellers accept credit card payments through Paypal or some other processor. This turns away buyers that don't have a Paypal account or a credit card, or simply don't want to use their credit card online. Accepting alternative payment methods such as checks and money orders will definitely increase bidders response.

- Buy listing upgrades: In some cases buying an upgrade is justified. The single factor that determines this is the value of your product. If you are selling a $10 item, and the upgrade is $20, then obviously this doesn't make sense. However, if your item is popular and relatively expensive, this might be a very effective way of having a great response to your auction.

- Show off your feedback: Copy and paste a selection of the feedback comments you're most proud of to each item's description page, instead of making bidders go and look for it. If you have 100% positive feedback, be sure to write
that on every auction too.

- Use Square Trade: Signing up at Square Trade and displaying their logo on your auctions shows that you are committed to
have them resolve any disputes that arise. You always see this on Power Sellers auctions – it makes you look more

- List your item with no reserve (NR): If possible, list your product with no reserve and state it as (NR) in your title.
Many buyers don't like items with reserve prices because they don't know what that price is and might be afraid to bid on
it and pay more than what they have in mind. People shop on eBay to find deals; they want to feel that they got the product
for a good price. Listing your item with no reserve will encourage them to bid on it because the want to get the "deal".

- Post more auctions: Listing more items on eBay increases the chances for better response. This is a mere probability
strategy however. This complements any of the techniques listed above, and wouldn't be very effective by itself. For
example if you list many auctions, but they don't have good descriptions and pictures, you might not sell any of your
items. Use this only to replicate your well structured auction page(s) using ideas from this list.

Listing an item on eBay is one thing, listing an item that gets response and eventually sells is another. Think about your
listing layout, clarity, answering buyers questions, and adding little things that might increase reaction to your offers.
Using the points above can give your listing the edge it needs in a very competitive market. incorporate some or all of the
techniques above and you sure will see more buyers responding to your auctions, and your sales increase.

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